Charlotte NC Apartments Are Getting Quite Nice

Charlotte NC apartments are getting quite nice. The city is currently going through a building boom with estimates as high as fifty thousand apartments under construction or development. With many being two-bedroom units, it’s expected this will house a hundred thousand new residents to the area, although the population is also likely to grow by more.

It might not even be enough considering that some of these high rises are being built on the locations of older high-density housing, given that zoning decisions rarely allow a neighborhood of detached homes, even rental units, to be demolished for apartments. Local leaders struggle to aim for home ownership rates to be at least 30 percent in every corner of the city because there is a noticeable drop in crime in such areas.

The poorest are getting squeezed out, because even with so many units, demand is fierce. With rents rising rapidly, it’s often perks and amenities that make or break a place in attracting renters. Everything from rooftop restaurants to on-site theaters and entertainment to concierge services is being rolled out and touted as ways that might lure in renters to one place over another.

In the center city or uptown area, the views available from a building are often a lure to those that might own an apartment instead of rent, and yet the views can change drastically when a new building or parking deck goes up. In fact, the skyline of the extended area morphs so frequently, many locals have a hard time remembering the last time it was static for any stretch of time. Overhead cranes and construction are almost permanent facets of life here.

Renters looking for Charlotte apartments have plenty of new options, with many more coming. Just be prepared to pay a lot, but also expect a lot.